"I went to see Ulrike for a range of problems, but primarily to loosen up my frozen shoulders, which had got better to a certain point, but then remained stuck. I found her to be friendly, warm, sensitive, and really interested in what was going on with my health, in seeing my symptoms as connected. She was also determined to help me! This gave me a lot of confidence from the start. She was meticulous in her listening and attentiveness to my body and its changes from week to week. I saw quite miraculous improvements during the 6 week series of sessions. I would highly recommend Ulrike as a practitioner."

Mary-Jayne Rust, Art Therapist

"Ulrike was recommended to me by a fellow Amatsu practitioner during the Christmas holidays.
Whilst travelling I flared up an old rugby injury and was suffering lower back pain and a reoccurrence of sciatica down my left leg. The results from my first session were astounding. I will always remember the moment the nerve pain was replaced by a warm pleasant sensation relieving me of the excruciating pain I had been experiencing.
I found the treatment highly effective and, unlike regular therapists such as chiropractors, the treatment is gentle and non-invasive. I was also very impressed with the practitioner's holistic approach to healing: not only are you armed with the tools to deal with your condition, you are made more aware of your body's own healing process. The treatment not only works on the physical level but also on all internal organs, and lifestyle advice is given as well.
I will be forever grateful to Ulrike for fitting me in for a balance during the Christmas holidays and also on a Sunday morning. I have visited numerous professionals over the years and I can honestly say she is the best I have received treatment from."

N. Morris, Teacher


"I have SLE Lupus and have found that I get a lot of joint pain and tiredness.
Medication does not help a great deal because, although lupus mimics arthritis/joint pain, ‘the science doesn’t really add up’ - to quote my doctor.
I have found Amatsu to be an enormous help in pain relief, mobility and general wellbeing. Along with sensible advice about diet and drinking water, it has made a great improvement. I will be continuing the sessions monthly to maintain the improvement."
E R Waterson

"I had been suffering for some time with a constant lethargy and painful aching in my joints when a recommendation led me to Uli and Amatsu: I had been worried about arthritis or rheumatism, but my GP had found evidence of neither, and no explanation for the constant discomfort. Within a few minutes Uli had recognised the pain, along with one or two seemingly unrelated symptoms, as part of a wider imbalance, which was rooted in gastric tension. A single session made an immense difference: I was left with an immediate and palpable improvement and a lightness of spirit I had begun to see as lost to the onset of middle age. Two more sessions alleviated the pain completely and it hasn't returned. Uli takes the time to listen and diagnose with compassion and a holistic presence missing from traditional medicine; she's also a pleasure to be around. Amatsu rocks."

P. Hambling, Creative Director

"I came to see Uli for various reason: I felt drained and stressed; I had been unable to write properly for 10 years as I had lost strength and motoric abilities in my right hand and as a consequence avoided writing wherever possible, which did not help my confidence. In the first session Ulrike addressed my pelvic misalignment and by targeting my shoulder, arm and hand in the second treatment, she restored full motoric ability of my right hand and now I can write again – after 10 years of just scribbling illegibly with great effort. I feel revitalised, I sleep better, am confident, healthy and can recommend Amatsu highly to everyone!”
E. Robinson, Investment Broker

"I highly recommend Ulrike as an Amatsu practitioner. She is friendly, professional, dedicated and thorough. The results I achieved from the treatments were tangible and exceeded my expectations.I was able to achieve more in my triathlon training following the treatments and will continue to use Uli in future, as an additional aid with training and for relaxation and general wellbeing. Thanks Uli."
E.M. (name withheld), Recruitment Consultant & Triathlon Contestant

“I came to see Uli for two seemingly unrelated problems: acid reflux and a frozen shoulder, both of which I had been suffering from for more than 6 months. After only one treatment my stomach improved and I was able to stop taking medication. Also I regained 80% of mobility in my shoulder. After a second session I had full shoulder mobility back and my stomach problem has not recurred. I have had a number of holistic therapies but none has had the dramatic results experienced with Amatsu – I’ve been recommending it to all of my friends.”
F. Lawton, Artist

"Amatsu is a deep whole system, hands-on body-based therapy. Very powerful in clearing physical and energy blockages in Ulrike's expert hands. She is meticulous, respectful and assured in her approach and couples her expertise with great ability to tune into 'where you are at'. It's a refresh for the whole system and the work itself is, I find, deeply relaxing. Ulrike provides the best hands-on therapy I have experienced (and I've experienced a lot). Highly recommended. My wife also loves it!" 
S. Moss, Management Consultant

“Working in a high pressure environment, when I had my first Amatsu consultation I was feeling exhausted from stress, and suffered from joint pains and digestive problems. Uli took the time to assess each one of my complaints, and immediately after the first treatment I felt relaxed and a lot happier about myself. After a few sessions, I could feel the positive impact of both the manipulations that eased the pain, but also the coaching from Uli, helping me to understand the causes of my problems (food, posture, shoes etc). I certainly recommend Amatsu as a way to improve one’s wellbeing safely.”
C. Lacroutz, Researcher

“Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful session - I was truly blown away by the quick results that your treatment brought about. You are SUPER talented and I am so incredibly grateful that you have offered to help me get my health back.”
L. Hansen, Fashion Agent

“Amatsu sounds so exotic and powerful, I had to find out what it was...and I'm happy I did. A mix of subtlety and power which makes you appreciate the strength and healing capacity of your body. Uli is extremely knowledgeable, grounded and efficient. Her hands "scan" your body and sometimes gently sometimes firmly readjust the balance. It's simply amazing. The body never lies and reacts straight away to Uli's treatment. I felt like floating, lighter on my feet as well as so connected and my body realigned. Purely magical! I highly recommend Uli's session to anyone who believes in the true power of the body. She can make it happen.”
A. Bonaparte, Metamorphic Technique Practitioner and Teacher

“Uli is a dedicated Amatsu practitioner with a very high level of skill. My body feels completely different after her treatments - more flowing, lighter and relaxed. She delves deep into the tissues and facilitates physical shifts which I had thought impossible. I am so glad to have found Uli and have no hesitation in recommending her highly.”
F. McCallion, UK Reiki Federation Master/Teacher Member, AAMET Registered EFT Practitioner

“After hearing about Amatsu through a friend of mine with many health problems, which she felt were greatly helped, even solved by Amatsu, I felt intrigued to try this little heard-of therapy. I must admit, I did not expect Amatsu to do much for my state of physical and mental wellbeing, as being a physical based therapy, I thought it would have little effect on my ME, which I had always been told, and believed myself, to be an almost wholly mental condition. I had forgotten, after so many years of living with physical aches and pains and getting used to them, what discomfort I felt in my body, and had no idea how tackling these could affect my general well-being and happiness so much!

I found my first Amatsu session quite a challenge as a great many of my muscles were taut and painful to deal with. I also felt confused, fatigued and 'foggy', as if my brain was unconnected to my body and just 'floating' above it, for the 48 hour recovery period. I woke up on day 3 feeling bright, clear and present however, something I feel very rarely these days, and my body felt light and free of tension. I did not even realise that my body could feel so good, as I had coped with an underlying pain for so long, I imagined that this was what being a baby must feel like, totally free of all muscular and postural problems built up over a lifetime!!

I have carried on with Amatsu therapy and found each session different, and each recovery 'fogged' and confusing, but I always wake up on the third day feeling clear, revitalized and 'new' again! I'm very grateful for discovering Amatsu, and such a supportive therapist with such a positive and calming approach.”
P. Ludlow, Fashion Designer