Amatsu Therapy - Balance For Life

Holistic Alignment for Body and Mind

Ulrike Klöffel is the founder of Amatsu Therapy - Balance for Life. She is a qualified Amatsu practitioner working in and around London.

A qualified Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Reiki, Ulrike combines these techniques and energies in her treatments, which can improve healing and recovery time exponentially.

Amatsu treats the whole body – not just the symptoms. It comprises of a number of different techniques such as massage, mobilisation, re-patterning and cranial balancing, which can be used in many combinations to suit the client’s needs.

Your body has an amazing ability to regain its own health. However, the stresses of life can damage or distort your natural patterns leading to poor health in various forms. Amatsu supports and encourages the natural abilities of your body, working with it and not imposing corrections onto it.

Regaining natural, healthy patterns is the aim of every Amatsu session, restoring balance and producing wholeness in and alignment of your body.

Amatsu can be vigorous or extremely gentle. This means it can be used on any person from the moment they are born through to their more advanced years. It is safe and effective for all ages – and it works.